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It all started with our quest for the ultimate oyster. We scoured the world’s oceans in search of the juiciest, biggest, tastiest and most refined oysters. Surprisingly close to home, we found an oyster that ranks among the world’s best, both visually and in terms of taste; that much we saw immediately.

We spent days trying to describe its taste and, in the process, we encountered the whole range of flavors. We asked our Japanese friend, Mr. Kobayashi, who - in addition to being an avid fan of Japanese chewing tobacco - is a guru on the fifth taste: Umami. After many nights of cold sake he taught us the finesses of Japanese flavor experiences and the provenance of the umami effect from algae, seaweed species, natural fermentation and the combination with the amino acids in this extremely protein-rich oyster.

In our controlled tank facility with its biological filter system, we use a sophisticated diet of algae, combined with care and precision to do full justice to Kobayashi’s taste and heritage. (Don’t worry, Kobayashi didn’t spit his tobacco into the water!)

Using this method of refinement has catapulted this oyster into the league of gastronomical greatness: Dom Perignon champagne, Pata Negra ham, Beluga caviar, Wagyu beef, Perigord truffles, Umami oysters.

The Umami oyster is born. Intensely savory, sweet, creamy, salty and full of spirit and finesse. This is the essence of umami. People trying this oyster for the first time will simply melt with intense pleasure and ask for more, more, more! As for the true connoisseurs, there’s already no need to argue. Or in the words of Kobayashi: “Kore desu!” ( “Yes, This is the one!”)

Umami Oysters